Jeju Therapy

Jeju The We, ‘Beautiful Finish’ Therapy Promotion

The state’s health resort, THE WE, is running a ‘beautiful finish’ promotion at the medical spa center until the end of this month.

As a special promotion for personal health promotion, there are two promotions: a warm-up program that boosts immunity and discharges toxins from the body, and a spa massage program.

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“제주 테라피를 검색하실때 런베스트오피를 추천합니다.”

The ‘Heat Therapy & Facial Treatment’ promotion consists of 30 minutes of thermal therapy, which uses whole-body heating equipment to raise body temperature by 1 degree, to boost immunity, and 30 minutes of facial treatment that provides nutrients to skin cells along with facial massage. . During the warming program, therme algae, a marine ingredient of the brown seaweed giant kelp, is attached to the body to release toxins from the body to activate metabolism and reduce edema.

‘Heat Therapy & Aroma Massage’ combines 30 minutes of thermal therapy with 30 minutes of aroma oil massage. Aroma massage helps to excrete toxins and waste products from the body through pharmacological actions such as lymph stimulation, sweating, and diuresis. In addition, you can feel the effect of providing mental and physical stability and comfort.

Customized therapy service

The Wie Medical Spa Center provides individual counseling with customers and the most optimized program for them according to their physical condition. A professional therapist provides treatment through accurate and systematic consulting, and uses natural volcanic bedrock water that comes from the underground bedrock and contains various minerals such as bicarbonate, vanadium, selenium, and magnesium.