Magok Waxing House Tanning

Magok Waxing House Tanning

Magok Waxing House Tanning, a comfortable space!

Magok Waxing House Tanning was a place where you could wax and tan together

It’s really close to Exit 1 of Balsan Station on Line 5, so it’s accessible even if you don’t bring a car!

We met without a car because we were thinking of having a light beer after going here.

It’s been a while since I took the subway, and it’s not uncomfortable!


Magok Waxing House Tanning Introduction

Magok Waxing House Tanning Magok branch is open from 11:00 to 21:00 every day throughout the year and parking is also available. It is located on the 3rd floor of the Luche Bridge Hotel behind Exit 1 of Balsan Station

So it’s easy to find and it’s more luxurious because it’s in the hotel.

This is a hotel room from the 4th floor, and there are free access shopping malls from the 3rd floor!

As soon as you get off the elevator, you can see the dentist, and if you walk to the dentist, you can see the magok waxing big at the corner!

With a trembling heart, I went in with my fist, saying, “Let’s pull out all the hairs from my body today.”^^

I heard that the interior was not a typical waxing shop, but it was just a luxury hotel without exaggeration.

It makes my eyes happy and makes me feel good.

I thought I could leave it with confidence if it was waxing in such a luxurious and pleasant space. Hygiene is important for waxing!

We made a reservation in advance, so we didn’t have to wait, but while we were sitting and waiting for a while, the waiting zone was almost like a photo zone, so we were busy taking pictures.

The large glass gives you a sense of openness and even each item in the interior is really my style.

Southeast Asian luxury resort atmosphere

The overall atmosphere is like Southeast Asia, and it feels like we’re in a five-star luxury hotel in Southeast Asia

It’s been a while since I couldn’t rest at the resort because of COVID-19, but I felt rewarded for a while. I fell in love with the interior, so I looked around with my friend for a long time, took pictures, and was like, “Oh my!” Looking at it, Waxer, who will be in charge of us, helped us directly with the consultation.

We will discuss in detail what we are going to do on this day while writing it with the concept of consent form! The good thing about this place is that there are male and female Waxer separately, so couples actually come together.

There is also a separate couple room. I was thinking about coming with my boyfriend next time Also, the space was very big and comfortable, but he showed me the room I would use and gave me time to change.

Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian Waxing

I’m starting to get nervous. Brasilian waxing makes me nervous and painful no matter how many times I do it.

I prepared and looked around the room, and it was the best that I could do it privately without worrying about it because it was a private room, and above all, there was a view of the shower room in each private room!

If you want to take a shower after waxing, it’s okay to wash up. Also, I was only going to do Magok waxing, but this house is very famous for Magok tanning. There were two types, brown tanning and white tanning, but I personally preferred white tanning, and my friend who went with me wanted to do brown tanning, so we decided to do tanning after waxing.

After all the preparations, it starts when Waxer comes in. I was a little surprised. Honestly, I’ve never waxed before, and Brazilian waxing is bound to hurt.

But Waxer’s skill was really good because They did it so smoothly and quickly that it didn’t make any sound. The point of waxing is that it doesn’t hurt, but the point is to finish it quickly.

I finished it neatly in that area, but I was very satisfied because it didn’t hurt quickly. I was very satisfied with the smoothness and the smoothness.

I could see that all the waxing tools and necessary supplies were kept clean!

As soon as he finished taking care of it, he looked at me and disinfected it right away using a disinfectant.

Magok Waxing House Tanning

Introduction to the tanning, spa and waxing community:


House Tanning

After you finish all the magok waxing, you get house tanning, and it’s good that you don’t bump into anyone while you’re on the move. It’s a trendy place with all the latest gadgets!

They told me that tanning works better the more you accept it, so I was going to go on a one-off trip with my friend, but I fell in love with house tanning, so I ended up getting a membership

I needed a place to go all summer anyway, but once I went here, I couldn’t go anywhere else.

Magok Waxing, Men’s Waxing, Magok Tanning, Magok Couple Waxing are all available, and it’s a hotel-class place, so I personally want anyone who lives nearby to visit!

How to tan pretty and safe, surprisingly simple!


A full-fledged vacation has begun. Many women try tanning during the holiday season because moderately tanned skin gives them both healthy and sexy beauty. However, you need to be careful because sunburn can cause sunburn, freckles, and can cause skin cancer.

◆ Burn it in the shade, not in the direct sunlight, for 10 to 15 minutes

Tanning in the shade, which is reflected light, is better for skin health than tanning in the sun directly. This is because direct exposure to the sun for a long time not only accelerates skin aging but also risks sunburn. Shades are less dangerous because light does not directly contact the skin, and there is no significant difference in terms of the effectiveness of tanning compared to sunlight. Even if you tan in the shade, it is appropriate to do it for only 10 to 15 minutes at first, and it is better to increase it by 5 minutes from the next time. If burned for more than 30 minutes, skin aging may occur, so be careful. In addition, drinking more water than usual when tanning can reduce moisture loss on the skin.


◆ Suntan after applying sunscreen

When you get a suntan, apply a thin sunscreen to relieve skin irritation. Products with a UV protection index of about 20 for the face and 15 for the body are appropriate. Body scrub and tanning oil are also recommended to avoid stains. If you wash away dead skin cells and other wastes with a body scrub and remove moisture, tanning will be evenly done. Applying tanning oil evenly can definitely prevent stains. Tanning products that contain moisturizing ingredients while having UV protection function prevent sunburn and allow relatively safe tanning.

◆ Avoid from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.m

Avoid sunburn between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. There is a high risk of sunburn at this time of year because ultraviolet rays are strong and cause severe irritation to the skin. If it swells red, you should visit a hospital for treatment. In severe cases, blisters may occur, chills and fever, and if these symptoms appear, visit a hospital immediately.

Introducing how to get a pretty tan: 오피스타 커뮤니티-태닝 게시판

Artificial tanning vs. natural tanning vs. tanning lotion. Which color is prettier copper?


An indoor tanning shop that has recently become popular with young people. Many people visit to show off their healthy beauty with copper skin in summer. However, if it is a healthy-looking appearance, it may not be so. I learned about the things to be careful about tanning, which is popular.

◇ “The more you get tanned, the more damaged your skin is”

Originally, ultraviolet rays emitted from sunlight are ultraviolet A, B, and C (UVA, UVB, and UVC). On the other hand, tanning machines usually only produce ultraviolet A, which makes the skin black. Ultraviolet A stimulates melanocyte, a melanocyte, and when the resulting melanin pigment increases in the stratum corneum, the skin color turns brown. In the tanning machine, this UVA is emitted in large amounts at once. At this time, collagen cells responsible for skin elasticity may be destroyed. Skin aging may progress and cataracts and various skin problems may occur. There are even reports that artificial tanning increases the incidence of melanoma, the highest risk among skin cancers.

◇How to burn while protecting skin health

There is a thing called fake tanning. It is a product that temporarily colors the skin to make it look tanned. The principle is that hydroxyacetone ingredients are combined with keratin in the stratum corneum of the skin to dye. Also, natural tanning is better than artificial tanning. Tanning with reflected light in a shaded area or under a beach parasol. Between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., ultraviolet rays are strong, so it is recommended to avoid tanning. If you sunbathe for five minutes, you can rest in the shade for ten minutes. Direct exposure to sunlight should not exceed 30 minutes. Change your posture evenly so that you can tan evenly. After tanning, take a light shower with cold water and make sure to apply moisturizing products to prevent dry skin. Cold packs are good if you have burning symptoms. When the degree is severe, visit a dermatologist for burn treatment.

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From indoor tanning to skin cancer?

Tanning for health

Skin tanning using indoor tanning machines was found to be unhealthy, causing skin cancer. According to a survey of white women aged 18 to 34 who used indoor tanning machines more than 10 times, the incidence of malignant melanoma in women before the age of 35 who tanned indoors increased from 59% to 75%. In addition, women before the age of 25 who tanned indoors also found that the prevalence of non-black tumor cancer increased from 40% to 102%. In addition, the incidence of malignant melanoma increases by 1.8% every year with additional tanning, according to the study.

Experts say skin tanning using indoor tanning machines is unsafe. This is because artificial ultraviolet rays from artificial lamps are more than twice as much emitted as natural ultraviolet rays from sunlight, which is harmful to the body. The U.S. weekly magazine Time once included indoor tanning machines because the risk of causing skin cancer could increase in an article that cited “The 50 Worst Inventions.” The results of this study were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Tanning for health, a shortcut to health

Natural tanning

Tanning, which is tanned with copper skin, is popular among women to highlight their healthy and sexy beauty in summer. Unlike in the past, when white and fine skin like white jade was the envy of all women, dark brown skin, which highlights healthy and sexy charm, has also been in the spotlight recently.

Skin like this has a visual effect that makes it look more elastic and slimmer, so some women get more excited about tanning in the summer. However, if you leave your body defenseless in the sun in the wrong way, it can promote skin aging due to increased blemishes such as freckles, decreased skin elasticity, and dry skin.

Natural tanned live review collection recommended:

Natural tanning, UV protection, and hydration are the basics

Tanning can be largely divided into natural tanning and mechanical tanning. Natural tanning requires sincerity and effort, but it does not cost much, which is a favorite method for many women. Usually, natural tanning is a method of applying oil or spray and tanning your skin by sunbathing outdoors.

It is important to tan in the right way at this time. For uniform tanning, a shower scrub is applied before tanning to peel off the dead skin layer. After taking a shower, you should hydrate yourself with body lotion. This is because if you expose your skin without scrub to the sun immediately, it can become stained due to dead skin cells.

After applying sunscreen, it should be repeated periodically every 1 to 2 hours, and if there is sweat or moisture, it should be removed and applied evenly. There is a tendency to think that long exposure to intense sunlight will help tan. However, this can cause skin burns or skin problems, so it is recommended to avoid UV rays between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. during the day. When applying tanning products, you should wear plastic gloves and wash your hands with water and soap as soon as you apply it, so that the color does not permeate your palm.

After tanning, the damaged skin, heat, and pain need to be relieved

There are often patients who visit the dermatologist after natural tanning. Incorrect natural tanning can cause pigmented skin diseases such as freckles, blemishes, and blemishes, as well as red, tingling pain, and sunburn that peel off the skin. In addition, if natural tanning is continued for a long time, chronic skin diseases may cause skin aging and dryness.

In this case, it is urgent to calm down the skin first. As a simple treatment method, use ice bags, cold milk, and cold cosmetics to remove heat. Place it on the affected area for 20 to 30 minutes and steam it about three times a day. Also, using cucumbers and potatoes to make natural packs helps to calm heat and pain. If the skin is peeled off, do not force it off, leave it until it peels off on its own, and apply moisturizing cream or oil containing aloe ingredients that are good for calming when waking up white.

If you have blisters or severe skin peeling after such treatment, you can consider dermatological treatment. If you receive blisters or take steroids, your damaged skin can be recovered quickly. If the skin is pigmented or the skin surface becomes uneven after peeling, it is helpful to receive regenerative treatment with fractional laser toning or IPL (Select).

“Fractional laser toning can effectively treat dermal pigmentation, freckles, and blemishes by selectively removing melanin and melanin in the dermis while minimizing thermal damage to the skin,” said Kim Ji-hyun, director of Grand Dermatology. It also induces collagen regeneration to restore the dermis and is effective in calming the skin, he said.

Should I do “Tanning” before the body profile shoot? Please know the side effects


Summer is the season of tanning. Recently, many people tan before filming “Body Profile” even if it’s not necessarily summer. This is to vividly capture the shape of the muscles in the picture as much as taking a commemorative photo after taking a healthy care of your body. If you are considering tanning, what should you be careful about?

◇ Artificial tanning… melanoma, risk of photoallergic

Machine-based artificial tanning increases the risk of melanoma, a type of skin cancer. According to data from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, if a tanning device is used before the age of 30, the risk of melanoma may increase by 75%.

오피-tanning introduced the latest machine that does not cause danger.

Even those who are taking oral contraceptives should avoid tanning. This is because female hormones are likely to cause stains. In addition, before getting tanned, you should check in advance for any photoallergic reactions. According to data from Asan Medical Center in Seoul, photoallergies are caused by an antigen-forming reaction between proteins and chemicals in the skin when ultraviolet rays touch the skin. It is recommended to limit the time and number of times to 10 minutes a day, once a week, and less than 30 times a year.

◇Tanning lotion can also create healthy skin

You can make copper skin without “baking” the skin yourself. This is because of applying a “tanning lotion” that temporarily applies pigment to the skin. According to the Korean Cosmetics Association’s “Cosmetics Common Sense for Consumers,” the copper color that appears when tanning lotion is applied is not caused by dyeing the skin, but by the chemical reaction of DHA with amino acids on the surface of the skin. If you apply a lot at once, it can get stained, so it’s good to apply it thinly several times. There are individual differences, but once applied, it lasts for two to four days.

It’s easy to think that you don’t have to wear sunscreen after applying tanning lotion. However, if it is a tanning lotion that does not contain sunscreen active ingredients, the color of the skin will only change, and the skin will not be protected by sunlight. You can choose a tanning lotion that prevents UV rays only when you check the UV protection index (SPF) marked on the surface of the product.

Tanning lotion, like other cosmetics, can also cause contact dermatitis. If there is an abnormal reaction to the skin, the area where the product is applied should be washed with water immediately, and if it is severe, you should visit a specialist for consultation.